Thursday, April 4, 2013

let's eat cake!

This past Monday, on April fools day, Matthew and I met with our cake designer, Hannah Meade, at her bakery/house. My brother and sister-in-law also attended. I wanted some other opinions from family members that I trust. Plus, who wouldn't want to spend an evening taste testing cake?!?!

Like all my other wedding ideas, I had been pinning cakes for MONTHS on Pinterest. I'm about to sound really morbidly obese, so brace yourself.............. I love cake. ALL cake. Any kind (except lemon). I could eat cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and still want more cake. Yup. Thankfully I do not do that, but I could. lol. So needless to say I was desperately excited about our cake meeting.

Hannah had a glorious spread of 14 different types of cake and 6 different types of icing.

I was in CAKE HEAVEN! Being the cake expert that she is, Hannah told us which icing to pair with which cake. The only cake I didn't try was lemon (because I know I hate it) but other than that, we didn't taste one bite of cake or icing that wasn't amazingly delicious. We also knew immediately after tasting each row which flavors we wanted  for our cake. But, we waited until the end of our meeting to make the final flavor decisions.

So after tasting a bit, we began to talk about cake design. I showed Hannah some of my Pinterest cakes that I had pinned and she began sketching one of her own creations.

I know this is a terrible picture. It's from my phone, so I promise I will upload some better ones later! But her sketch was EXACTLY what I wanted. And I didn't even know that's what I wanted until we met with Hannah! She is amazing. The actual cake will be a very pale blush color, with hand-painted ivory lace designs covering all of it. Tiny pearls will also line the bottom of each layer. And lastly, wildflowers similar to my bridesmaid bouquets and centerpieces, will be placed on top with stemmed brooches carefully placed throughout. So our cake will still be vintage, and have a touch of some amazing brooches provided by Hannah.
Our wedding cake will also consist of 4 layers as shown. Of course the top layer we are keeping, so the top and the 2nd layer are going to be Hannah's vanilla cake with vanilla icing. And let me tell you, this is the best vanilla cake I have ever tasted. It's spicy and unique. It's soooooo good for vanilla cake! The third layer from the top will be her white chocolate strawberry cake with white chocolate icing. In between the cake layers of this one will be a great strawberry filling that tastes amazing! And finally, the bottom layer will be mine and Matthew's absolute favorite, caramel cake with vanilla icing and another filling in between the layers flavored with apple pieces and cinnamon.
I am so so so so soooooooooo excited about our cake! I love the flavors we have chosen, especially the caramel cake with the apples and cinnamon. It is SO FALL and anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love fall. Plus, this cake flavor takes me back to our original rustic farm wedding plan and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I LOVE IT.
Don't worry, I didn't leave Matthew out :) He is also getting a groom's cake. Something similar to this one. His chosen flavor was dark chocolate caramel with vanilla icing. He said he thought we needed some chocolate somewhere, and I agree!
Hannah couldn't have made our cake experience with her any more perfect! She is also providing us with a to-go box that she is packing full of cake for me and Matthew the night of our wedding. So thankfully, if we don't get to eat any real food that night, we will be sure to have cake!
My sister had been talking about the "best wedding cake ever" for months after her niece's wedding last summer. I have been curious to find out who made her cake since I got engaged, and it turns out it was Hannah Meade from the Cake Gallery :) God is good and his plan is perfect. Happy Wedding planning! xoxoxo


  1. ummmm hello look how skinny you are eating that piece of cake! holla for the BEST part of wedding planning, of course since the contest pretty sure ALL of your wedding planning is easily enjoyable! you deserve it, lady! love you!

    1. You are crazy! I am farrrrrr from skinny lol but thank you! Congrats on your cute new baby belly! Miss you!!!!